For Beginners:

Q: What can I expect in my first class?

A: It is important to let yourself relax, have no worries and trust that I will guide you through your first practice. Like a trip to a foreign place, things are new and interesting. As you explore deeper and practice more, you will eventually feel at home. You know you’ll leave feeling refreshed and alive!

Q: Should I hire you for personal instruction to teach me basic poses first? Or will I fit right in with the class?

A: Each of our bodies is unique and beautiful in its own way. Taking a private class will enable me to help you find the practice that’s right for you. But if you choose to join a class first, again, relax and enjoy the journey.

Q: What do you recommend I read to learn the “yoga glossary?”

A: “Light On Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar is for the asanas (physical postures) “Light On Life” by B.K.S. Ivengar is a great reference for the complete yoga experience.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Comfortable, form-fitting (not baggy) active wear Hair restrained Bare feet Optional – Natural fabrics such as hemp and bamboo can enhance your organic experience. This is also better for the earth!

Q: Are classes for men and women?

A: Yes. My classes are for both men and women… yoga is for everyone!

Q: Can children practice yoga?

A: I welcome anyone 16 or older in my classes.

Q: How often should I practice at home, and how often should I attend classes?

A: Attending classes once or twice will give you a strong foundation for your daily home practice.

Q: How long before I’m “good” at yoga?

A: Arriving on the matt is good! Yoga is a practice and is not an achieved or set goal. However it can take years until a student has a complete understanding of asanas (poses) and correct breathing techniques. Yoga becomes a part of your daily routine, for the body craves movement and the soul loves to meditate. It will become as important to your day as brushing your teeth or that morning cup of coffee.

Yoga Basics:

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: Your own yoga matt. I recommend matts with a slightly thicker material Jade yoga matts are particularly earth-friendly. Manduka matts are also excellent yoga matts.

Q: What is proper class etiquette?

A: Please: No cell phones No chewing gum Unless you’re feeling unsure or unsafe, or if you’re feeling pain, please refrain from commenting during class. But questions for your instructor regarding your poses are welcome Please refrain from wearing shoes on the yoga floors or matts Please give fellow students their space and refrain from stepping on other matts. This does not apply when doing partner practice or special directions from instructor.

Q: Must I follow a strict diet to practice Yoga?

A: Your body is your vehicle. If you treat it with respect and take care of it, it will carry you far. You will get more out of your yoga practice with a healthy and balanced diet.

Q: Will a medical condition affect my ability to practice yoga?

A: Always let your instructor know of any medical conditions or pains, and ask your doctor about limitations in exercise.

For Advanced Yogi and Yogini:

Q: Do you have an advanced class?

A: Very Vinyasa is an advanced class I offer. See my schedule for Very Vinyasa classes this week.

Q: How much does one-on-one advanced practice cost?

A: Please fill out the personal practice request form and I will be able to give you a quote based on time, location, etc.